A first of many…

Such a great feeling! This has been a long time coming. Often times when starting something new or coming into a change in my life the inspiration is wonderful and then I hit a wall. A wall also known as FEAR. What do I know about blogging? How will I come up with a name? What website do I use? What am I going to say? Why would random people care about what I have to say? The list goes on and on. Self berating, negative blabbering. Well I decided to hold all those fears in love.  My intention is to acknowledge them but not attach to them.  Making space for them and enveloping them in love has led me to be sitting here typing away! One tiny step at a time.

I could not be happier to begin this journey, it is just one step in the direction of a new path in my life.  I taught elementary school for a few years at a private school, through that experience I realized that I wanted to work with children on a deeper level, not only academically but socially and emotionally.  That led me to complete a Masters program at Queens College in School Counseling in May 2011.  With the job market as it is and the draining process of interview after interview, I decided why not continue my education during the job search.  Next week I will officially be a certified yoga teacher!  My husband continuously inspires me to follow my passion, and yoga is one of passions.  Practicing yoga is something that will now forever be a part of my life.  It has brought light, joy and peace to my being in a way that I could never have imagined.  My hope is to share this process with others that are looking to deepen their practice, or are just beginning the journey!

I am currently in the process of planning to create a yoga space in my home and will offer private lessons.  Stay tuned!!

shine on

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4 Responses to A first of many…

  1. stephen Boyd says:

    great job, I am so happy and extremely proud. Know that you have my full support during this journey. I love you always – Stephen

  2. Kristy says:

    I love this!! You are such an inspiration in every possible way 🙂 I am looking forward to reading this blog everyday! xoxoxo

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