wedding weekend get away in newport beach!

What a beautiful weekend it was to celebrate two great friends, Jessica and Pena saying “I do!” to each other.  I have not posted since last week because I have been busy celebrating!  Just a few things that I would like to share about the wedding, one being the centerpiece table was so original! A beautiful perfectly sized bouquet was resting on top of a chalkboard with soft edges that had a beautiful quote about love stories on it.  Surrounding the chalkboard and bouquet in the center were old classic books, and table seating cards inside of envelopes with each guests name on it.  Each table was the name of a classic love story, our table was Pride and Prejudice! Such a cool idea!

The other was the music at the ceremony, perfect!  The wedding party walked into What a Wonderful World, and after the ceremony the bride and groom walked out to Here Comes the Sun! While the guests were being seated the small band played back to back hits, lots of Beatles! To top it all off, the setting was spectacular on the coast of Newport Beach, CA with the most gorgeous views, at the Pelican Hill Resort.

But the best part was getting together with old friends and having such a wonderful time, catching up and dancing the night away! I was so grateful to be able to celebrate the love between two amazing people that both have a very special place in my heart!

Shine on

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