a great birthday weekend…

This picture is taken at the Sherwood House in Jamesport.  My husband and I really lucked out with a gorgeous Saturday spent relaxing in front of this fireplace, listening to some tunes, sipping on delicious vino.  I loved this glass vase on the table filled with the flowered branches.  It was the only thing on the coffee table but it was enough! If ever in the area, check this vineyard out! Quaint, boutique feel to it! Bring some cheese and crackers, sit here or right outside on a cozy picnic table!

Who knew so much joy could come out of setting a self timer?! I felt like a kid setting the camera at the perfect angle (thanks to Joe’s phone) hitting the button then SPRINTING to my Aunt Marypat’s bench, even though I knew I had 15 seconds to take 3 steps. Probably helped that my whole family was in on it also, RUN BRIDGE!!  Love you guys, and my Aunt Marypat, my godmother, I feel her with me everyday.

Happy 2 days after Mother’s Day, you mothers deserve an extension for all you do.

shine on

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5 Responses to a great birthday weekend…

  1. Kristin Kennedy says:

    Beautiful family! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Fran white says:

    Great photo Bridget! Like I said today, what a beautiful family!

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