flow freely…

Similar to a river, constantly moving.. when an object gets stuck in the river it usually rots, or erodes over time.  I like to think of this metaphor whenever I am holding onto something in my mind or body, that is no longer serving me.  When I notice an attachment to something, I try to address it, to continue to fully experience the flow of life force within me and outside of me.  Often times when I feel angry, sad, upset, distraught, or depressed, there is either desire is to quickly get beyond those feelings, or a desire to cling to those feelings. Well our minds are just one part of our energy body that hold and store information, thoughts, feelings.  Although I might have been successful in pushing it out of my mind, it most likely is manifesting in some other part of my body.  Giving “it” attention without attaching to it by observing, breathing into it, giving it space, honoring it, listening to what it is saying to you, whatever that may be, will most likely help it to flow through my body rather than get stuck.

On the other hand, when things seem to be going really well, I can have a tendency to hold on TIGHT.  I can get so carried away in the desire to hold onto the good times that fear begins to set in, regarding the anticipated ending of the present moment of happiness.  Which then doesn’t even allow for me to enjoy where I actually am in the moment, because I’m worrying about the future.  In order to settle my mental and physical body and create a more easeful experience of life, I try to observe these games of attachment that the mind can play.

“The challenge for all of us is to allow ourselves to be awash with love without clinging to it.  This is accomplished by keeping our ego in check.  When we allow love and life to flow freely without clinging or clutching, it multiplies.  Our life vibrates with the silent joy that is ever-present in the very fabric of the universe.  Living at the level of the soul we become worthy of Aberjhani’s words:

“This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.”                                                                                                                         –mylifeyoga

shine on

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