a shower and a festival….

My soon to be new sister, Carol had her shower this Saturday! Here are all 14 of her bridesmaids (except Miranda)! It was so great to see everyone and I can’t wait to celebrate again in July. We are going to Newport, RI for her bachelorette, one of my favorite places!

These are the cocktail napkins they had made! Loved the idea, and even more so what it said! “Soon to be Mrs. McD!” A very cute, personal touch.

My sister and I went on to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, for a music and food festival, GoogaMooga.  We could not get over how beautiful the park was.  There is so much land  preserved in Brooklyn that I never knew about.  It’s crazy to think something so close by and we never took advantage of it.  The 2 or the 3 subway from Penn Station can get you there. Driving would also be easy, but parking might be an issue! I definitely recommend taking a day trip to this park, bring a blanket, some tunes, pick up a fresh lunch at one of the markets close by, and maybe a frisbee! The perfect day!

We had the best time sitting on the lawn, listening to music and trying some of the local brews and eats!  This is just one of the food stands that was set up. Each stand was decorated like it came right out of a Home and Garden magazine. I loved the black and white awning and sunflowers that this one used!  Going to this festival opened my sister and my eyes to see that there are many different, fun and FREE activities to enjoy and places to go, that are available all around us.  I became inspired to continue to find more.

shine on (even on this rainy Monday 🙂 )

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One Response to a shower and a festival….

  1. Carol says:

    Love it! Had the best time at the shower and look at that crew of gorgeous bridesmaids!

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