a short story…

A late post today, I’ve been in the car most of the day! Took my Nan to a dentists appointment in Philadelphia. Did you reread that sentence? Long story.  I want to share a story that my teacher had shared in the beginning of a class that I took back when I first started my yoga training.

The story is about a man who had a very strong desire to become enlightened.  He was willing to do whatever it took in order for him to get to that point of being.  So he went to the King of the kingdom that he lived in and asked him what he needed to do to become enlightened. The King told him that he had to carry a bowl of hot oil on his head while walking around the entire kingdom without spilling a drop.  The man was not expecting this answer, but he figured hey I am willing to do anything at this point. So he set about practicing first with balancing an empty bowl on his head while walking, then slowly he graduated to filling the bowl with water, then hot water, then finally hot oil.  This took him quite some time but eventually he finally accomplished the task!

Extremely excited he went to the king with the news of his great accomplishment.  The king stood and listened.  He then began to ask the man questions.  Now that you have spent so much time here practicing, why don’t you tell me about my kingdom?  What did you notice while you were here? What types of flowers are in the garden? Who did you meet? What is the terrain like? What is your favorite area of the kingdom? He continued to ask the man questions.  The man stood there stunned, a mix of anger, confusion, and disappointment running through his mind and body, he was not able to answer one question.

Everyday we are absorbed in our daily routine, tasks that need to be accomplished.  Crossing off TO DO lists, finishing one task, moving onto the next.  I felt so energized when I heard this story.  It made me realize that yes it is about accomplishing tasks, things need to get done, but let us not forget about the process. The mundane, little things that can seem trivial and easily go unnoticed, but in reality aren’t those little things what it’s all about? I try to stop at least once a day and breath, work to be present in the moment that I am in, notice what’s going around me, and also within me. I want to enjoy the process, whatever it may be.  My hope is that you will too!

shine on


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