sadhana part 2

Yesterday I shared my sadhana, I gave some background as to how I came to understand the idea and then learned there was one word to describe the action and the potential feelings that surround it, and eventually how I developed my own.  When I began writing yesterday I felt that one post was not enough to dedicate to this idea of a sadhana.

You may be thinking, are you kidding me? another post about some ridiculous word? This girl is living in a dream world, wouldn’t it be nice if I could actually have time to myself? Or yea, I have a sadhana and it’s to keep sleeping for another hour.  I know these thoughts might be coming up because I have them myself.  But right now I want to make a choice to try and make it happen.  Getting up earlier, by choice, is something I’m not used to doing, but going to bed earlier is helping to ease the transition.  Each day is going to be different, but I am already feeling something from it.  I have noticed an increase in my energy level throughout the day, it’s almost as if a burst of inspiration is sent through me, because I am taking the time to acknowledge myself, to take care of my body, mind and spirit.  To be honest, I’m not exactly sure that I even know what it is yet, but something positive is coming from it and I’m curious to continue.

I’m sure there are going to be some days when it feels like NO WAY is this happening…but my intention is to carry through those times in such a way that does not get sucked into that negativity, or whatever comes up in my body and mind.  Similar to how I’m feeling right now, I do not want to get attached to this positive “feeling” that I’m having, yes it’s great but things change, come and go, so I’m not gripping on to it.  My FABULOUS teacher and mentor (shout out to Diana 🙂 ) shared a quote that speaks to what I’m saying here:

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. ~ George Santayana

It should also be said that my intention for the purpose is not the outcome, or what I got out of it, but rather the process of going through each day, and each sadhana with an open, curious mind, body and spirit.  To notice what happens, and to evolve with the sadhana as well.  I plan on adjusting it every three months.  Maybe in three months that will mean my sadhana is only 20 minutes as opposed to 2 hours.  Who knows, but I’m not concerned with that right now.

My hope is that you can take the time for yourself even if it is getting up five minutes earlier and sitting still for a moment to listen to your breath, to go inward to that point of stillness. Of course thoughts will come but don’t get worked up about that, just let them come and then go with your inhale and exhale.  Not to get away from the world, but rather to help you experience it more fully.

shine on



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3 Responses to sadhana part 2

  1. Linda says:

    I get up 20 min earlier and meditate, journal and read the sutras and Gita and pray.. It has changed me. I started with 10 min now it is 20 minutes. Moving to 30.

    • bridgetboyd says:

      I Iove the idea of including reading in your sadhana. Do you read straight through or pick different parts each day? Then journal after reading? Thanks for sharing Linda!

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