be your own best friend…

I wasn’t sure what to write about in today’s post. So I have decided to mix it up with a quick weekend recap first: Saturday was the surprise party that I have been planning for my husband!  It was a success, he was VERY surprised, and told me multiple times through the night how shocked he continued to be as he looked around the room…I definitely got him!  I didn’t take any pictures except for this one… This cake was such a hit, Pam from PammyCakeCreations made it! It was so unbelievably real and hysterical! Thanks Pam!

The party was followed by catching up on sleep and things around the house on Sunday that culminated in an intense game of charades to finish off the weekend.  Planning and walking into the surprise party brings back the kid in me (as did the charades), I was SO excited all day that I felt like one of the woman on Oprah’s favorite things.  Actually like one of the woman on the SNL skit of Oprah’s favorite things.  Now on another note……

Last week in a class that I took with my teacher she mentioned something that resonated with me during one of the asanas, “pretend as if you were your own best friend, what would the best friend say to you?”  I thought and felt the peace and love that seems to spread through your mind and body when thinking/feeling in this way.  Why is it that we strive to be good to our best friends, or to our partners, but then sometimes we don’t strive in that similar way to be good to ourselves?  It’s not always easy, but it is worthwhile, I think, to attempt.

We can always try to be in tune to our best friend within.  In many areas he/she can be helpful; whether it’s dreading a task that has to be done, feeling like crap after eating too many cookies, feeling badly about something we said, or even on the opposite end allowing ourselves to be proud about something we accomplished, to truly love ourselves…the list goes on.  Whatever it is, our best friends always want the best for us, they help to lead us in a positive direction with the greatest of intentions, or they simply just listen and allow their friend to be heard (awareness is the key to healing).  Our best friends help us to look at our Selves in a loving, kind way, they are right beside us through the good and bad times.  Not just by putting a band aid on things, but by helping us to see what is, helping us to see the truth with an open, caring heart, helping us to know that there is a chance to do things over, that we can learn from our mistakes, and to stop putting ourselves down.  Also helping us to celebrate our Selves!

So try to do this: the next time you are in a place where you are beating yourself up over something, or feeling down in the dumps, OR feeling good about something but being fearful of seeming conceited, think of what your best friend might say to you.  Then try to say it to your Self, the hardest part is truly believing and feeling it within!  But YOU are worth it, you owe it to your Self to try…

shine on

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3 Responses to be your own best friend…

  1. annie falley says:

    Many years ago there was a book entitled “How to be your own Best Friend” …. I was probably in college and I think it was the first self-help book I ever purchased.
    So happy Steve’s party was a success …. sometimes I think the one making the surprise gets more excited then the one who’s getting it. Sounds like a great weekend Bridget …. I LOVE

  2. Maureen McDermott says:

    soo true, the party being all that you imagined,and the insight to loving ourselves as much as we love our best friend.. I read with amazement and pride bursting from within:) You helped me and I will definitely pass this along….. I love you soo soo

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