listen to your own voice…

It is already there, you don’t have to find it.  Just listen.

“We live in a world that is based on agreement.  If enough people agree on something, it seems to be true.  We then act as if it were true, and our experience tends to re-create itself as true.  This will occur even if what we agreed upon is not true, and it will combine until someone demonstrates the fiction of the original idea.  Then everyone will agree to a new idea, whether or not it is true.  “As ye think, so shall it be.” ” –Alan Cohen

It only takes one demonstration in opposition to the thought to break the agreement.  Most of our thoughts of limitations are upheld only through absence of challenge.  In order to discern Truth from limitation, we must challenge the agreements we believe in, to which we add power through mass thinking.  Agreement is safe.  It is comfortable.

We must challenge the agreements we hold to be true.  We must ask, “Do I believe this because I really believe this, or because everyone else does?” I am amazed to find out how much of my own belief systems are unfounded, adopted from the norms of others.  So often children take on the beliefs, values and expectations of their parents or figures that they idolize.  Religion, politics, raising children, choosing a career path, choosing a mate, grieving, living our daily lives; each one is heavily influenced by our belief systems.   Take the time to stop and question what it is you believe, and where those beliefs come from? Not as to change them, or say they are right or wrong, but rather to ensure that they continue to remain true to you.  Sometimes simply being silent and still helps to get in touch with your voice within, that is waiting and wanting to be heard.

“Set your foot firmly upon the path of all that you wish to be, for in reality your aspirations are but a memory of that which you already are.” -Alan Cohen

shine on


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