a shout out to Trader Joe’s

I would love to meet the people who created this fabulous food store.  I walked in there earlier today and “September” by Earth Wind and Fire was pumping through the store, which got me PSYCHED to be food shopping (not always the case).  I suddenly forgot about the dreary day outside, everything brightened up, and I was ready to browse!  It was such an enjoyable experience, everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful. I usually have a routine of going there once a week, and I have never had a bad experience. I thought I would mention a few products that I have a hard time going through the week without.

This Kettle Brewed Green and White Tea is A-mazing, especially on ice with a splash of TJ’s Cranberry Harvest juice.. my hubs also likes to add some seltzer (that he is obsessed with making in our new soda machine, and pretty much forces our friends to try whenever they come over, whether they want to or not…Jaffa and Brian know what I’m talking about.)

It was hard to get a good picture of these two ‘bag o nuts’. But this was the best attempt.  They are both filled with mini bags that are great for on the go or adding into a yogurt for breakfast which I will talk about in a second…the one on the left is ‘Go Raw Trek Mix’, the right is ‘Just a Handful of Almonds’.

These are a new purchase/gold that I just stumbled upon last week.  I don’t know how I ever lived without them!  You would have thought Ryan Gosling walked into my house by the way I reacted when that thin piece suddenly became a new, clean sponge after pouring some water on it!  They come in a package of 12, does it get any better than that?!

  This is the yogurt I was talking about before. You can get this yogurt in places other than TJ’s. It’s the FAGE, I like the total 0% kind.  A breakfast staple in our house is this yogurt mixed with some fresh TJ’s berries, a sliced banana and a bag of the go raw nut mix! Delicious and very simple.  *An easy, healthy lunch: add oatmeal, cinnamon and protein powder to the yogurt and berries in a tupperware.

Love this for a snack! With the Falafel Pita Chips (which I didn’t get this trip).  Also really good with bite size carrots, cut up celery and broccoli (or whichever veggie you choose!).

What are some of your favorites from Trader Joe’s?

shine on

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5 Responses to a shout out to Trader Joe’s

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  2. annie falley says:

    Bridget, how are you cutie? My son Sean and daughter Megan both work at the Trader Joe’s in Hewlett ….. it is a great company that gives health insurance for part time workers! It’s a fun, upbeat place to work and they treat their employees very well. Look for Sean or Meg …. Meg does the flowers in the front of the store. Also I get a ten percent discount which is great. My absolutely very favorite thing in TJ’s is their chocolate caramel sea salt bars ….. OMG …. there are no words ….. trust me. My freezer is full of Trader Joe’s stuff. In fact Sean has to go there tonight for two hours just to taste their new products …. and he gets paid for it. See you soon. xoxo Annie

    • bridgetboyd says:

      OMG is right – chocolate caramel sea salt bars?!!? definitely getting them next week. I usually go to the TJ’s in Oceanside, but if ever I go to Hewlett I will definitely look for them! Thanks for your response xoxoxo

  3. Tina Lear says:

    OMG. Some of my favorites? Where to start? The pistachio chocolate toffee is right at the top of the list. And the Marcona almonds that aren’t the same anywhere else. And oh! Oh! Oh! The frozen gorgonzola shell pasta. I could go on and on. Love love love TJ’s. Also because the employees seem so happy.

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