why shine on?

For so long this blog was being created, an inspiration that had not fully come into my being.  For reasons that would take months worth of posts, it did not become a reality until recently.  I’m not saying that’s a negative or positive thing, it just is the truth.  So I believe that one of those reasons (small but one) was that I did not know what to call it.  I didn’t want something too specific.  I wanted to have the flexibility to be able to post about a variety of topics.  But I did want to have a general focus on my new beginning as a yoga instructor and the type of lifestyle I am, and have been, striving to live.

It may sound cliche, but I am all for being honest here and this is the dead honest truth. I am taking a class in Polarity (what is that you ask? I don’t really know how to describe it in a sentence, I will try in another post one day soon) I think it was the first class actually of the six week series.  It was an incredible six hours of great conversation, soaking in new, inspiring information.  It was also a ‘hands on’ confirmation that there is so much more (energy, life force) in and around us than simply our minds and physical bodies.  When leaving that day, I felt grounded and very connected within myself but also with the outside world.  As we were walking out the door, the teacher said “Shine on!” and that was it!  I knew in that moment that I could check that reason off the list for not yet starting this blog. Reason #54 – What would I call it? was now answered.

Life just is, right? We live in the way we experience, or react to life.  Exhilarating, great, good, blah, not so good, tragic, horrible days.  The spectrum is constantly changing, if we ever got to the point where we were able to NOT react and just be with what is 24/7, we would probably just pouf up into a ball and be gone from this world, because then what? So anyway back to us being humans and reacting…it’s a process, like anything else, that we have the beautiful opportunity to go through, living this one life in a way that we are fully expressing ourselves.  To live fully in the exhilarating moments, allow ourselves to be happy!!  Also allowing ourselves to live fully in grief, to live fully in sadness, to live fully in fear.  Our culture labels those things as not ideal.  We tend to have a hard time being with someone (nevermind being with ourselves) that is in that place, what do I say? how can I make him/her feel ‘better’? what needs to be changed/fixed?

When I say ‘live fully’ I mean to allow yourself to fully experience and express whatever is in the moment, not hold onto it, not attach it to your being (‘I am depressed’ is different that ‘I am feeling depressed in this moment’)…but simply to fully experience and express it ALL.  To allow it to be expressed, rather than shove it down somewhere in your body where it can not be heard.  Which in some cases, I believe, because that energy is still in us, stuck and not moving, can cause a dull pain, or a constant uncomfortable feeling that we tend to medicate as a culture, there is a desire to numb it.  Do not get me wrong, I understand that every situation is completely different. Sometimes the chemicals/hormones in a system are off, and medicinal therapy can be a helpful, necessary solution.  I know because I have been there. Hopefully combined with some other type of therapy/support service, but that is for another post, I’m going off topic, again….

It is my hope that you can carry these two words with you through your day as a reminder that you can (and have the power to) live in full expression of the beautiful being that is your Self.

To shine on –  To allow your Self to live in full expression in each moment, whatever expression that might be: happy, sad, or blah.  To also understand the feeling in the moment is not the essence of you, it’s a feeling that is constantly changing, flowing and just wants to be heard.  This is something I constantly practice.  That is why I have decided to use it as a title, and from the beginning have said it at the end of each post as a reminder to myself and hopefully to you.  So I will say again today, and every day forward…

shine on 🙂

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3 Responses to why shine on?

  1. Raquel Murray says:

    Love this! Thank you for shining on us Bridget! Very motivating posts… I really enjoy your blog and appreciate everything you write. Thank you so much for sharing so much light and love.

  2. Carol says:

    I love this post! To Live Fully, what a novel idea! Seems like a basic concept but, much easier said then done and great to be reminded to do so! Xo

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