a birthday comes ‘once a year’…

*actually a true statement….a statement my mom loves and uses quite often…ex: I have pizza ‘once a year’…a disclaimer that she loves to say before chowing down, true or false, I’ll leave that up to you to decide…

 Happy ‘day after’ birthday Mom!!  I know you are going to love that I am writing about this, because you love your birthday so much.  She loves it so much that my brother, sister and I thought she was 35 until last year….exaggeration, but you get my point.  Well yesterday we celebrated her (!!!!, you actually think I would say) birthday.  I love this picture, one because it is candid and two because she is glowing (NOT just because she is holding a plate of her favorite treats from Rose’s bakery), caught in a moment of such happiness. What a great day on the beach.  Too cold to be in a bathing-suit, able to wear a cozy sweatshirt kind of day.  We had such a great time simply sitting around a table.  One of my favorite past times, sitting around a table with people I love, eating, laughing and sharing stories. In between the sitting, (and the one walk that we took) I whipped up a dessert that I wanted to share because it ended up being pretty tasty, healthy, and even better easy!

(thanks to my sister, Kristy for ‘instagram-ing’ this gem.) Ginger snap cookies (from no other than Trader Joe’s, gluten free to boot!) topped with a dollop of vanilla Chobani yogurt, finished off with some fresh diced strawberries (from Crossroads Farm in Malverne!).

*Sidenote: Speaking of Crossroads Farm, these are the chicks that are being raised at the farm!

So cute, if you are in the area, stop by the farm. They sell great local produce, fruit, cheese, eggs and pies!

I hope you were able to enjoy your weekend, whatever it brought your way.  Getting together with family is not always joyful and full of laughter.  Sometimes family gatherings can be filled with tension, or sadness, but hopefully there is some joy, even if it’s a glimpse.  My wish is that you are able to feel (not cling to) all those feelings and work to be aware of whatever comes up in yourself.  I am constantly practicing this myself.  But I believe awareness is helpful in working through the struggle, being conscious of the struggle, to be able to deal with it in a more compassionate and/or easeful way.

Lastly, I want to wish all Fathers a Happy Fathers Day!  I was especially thinking of my Dad yesterday, who passed away six years ago.  I know I speak for my brother and sister also when I say that we feel so blessed and fortunate that we were able to grow up with a father that lived the way he did.  The lessons he taught us are innumerable.  We carry his spirit with us everyday…

shine on

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One Response to a birthday comes ‘once a year’…

  1. Maureen McDermott says:

    I laughed out loud.. and good cried inside…….something thank goodness…”I have not had in a year” XOXO

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