spreading joy…not passing pain

I took a little hiatus last week on Thursday and Friday.  The pie party on Wednesday really wiped me out.  Also I was feeling slightly uninspired to post, didn’t feel the draw to share anything, didn’t want to fake it.  So I had a nice break, and a great weekend to get refreshed and I’m baack!

Listening to conversations, mine and overhearing others, I realized that a large majority of the language shared is about a third party.  I try to be aware of my thought patterns, and how my thoughts affect my speech.  Of course this awareness has gaps and I say things that might not necessarily have to be said, but my intention is never to harm anyone else with my words.  Are the words are safe in your mouth, are the words going to do harm to someone else? Why would we want to do harm to others?  In reality we are just harming ourselves by harboring that negativity, fear, hatred.

I find it especially interesting in people that have gone through something tragic.  People that have experienced something that was emotionally draining, and are still so quick to talk about someone else that is going through a difficult time.  Quick to talk in a way that is not for the best intention of the other, but that talk in a way that is to pass on someone else’s troubles.  This cycle is constantly perpetuated.  If we can step back from all of this ping ponging of negative energy that is being bounced around we can see it more for what it is.   First of all, I believe it is impossible to know exactly what is going on in a person’s life other than your own.  I was going to add the handful of people very close to you, but changed my mind, because even that I don’t think we can ever be sure.  We all have our own experience of the world.  To take what we hear at face value and continue to pass it on to others is doing such a disservice to not only them but also to yourself.

Something tragic happened in my hometown recently.  Underneath an article in the town paper (that gave an extremely evasive account of the event) there were many comments posted.  I was so disturbed by the ANGER, and hostility that came through in these people posts.

Point blank, people are suffering in this world.  When someone is suffering do you really want to add to their suffering?  It seems that our world can be so divisive, ‘take care of what is mine’ who cares about the others.  In my opinion, this mentality just leads to a constant state of suffrage.  It might sound honky dory to you but I think it creates a sense of peace not only in your being but in the energy around you, if you are able to step back and try to visualize sending love to the angry, sending love to the constant chatter, sending love to the people that are drawn to talk about the hardships of others.  Not in a hierarchal manner “I am above them, they don’t have anything better to do than talk about others, let me send them love”.  Rather in a more genuine way, from an observers stand point, because really we have no idea what other people are going through.  What gives us the right to place blame and opinion?  Children hear there parents doing this, and the cycle continues.

Next time you find yourself involved in a conversation about the hardships of others, try to step back and think if it is worth it for you to continue to be in the conversation.  Are the words being shared harming others, others that quite possibly are already in a bad place? If the answer is yes, then you have a choice.  You don’t have to continue to be a part of it. You also don’t have to feel the need to try and fix it.  Maybe just begin to notice how often that happens within yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

Having an awareness around my speech is something I try to practice regularly.  I believe that as I become more in tune with my Self, (not my thoughts, my feelings, but my Self, the beautiful place that is at the core in all of us) it becomes less of a challenge to notice my speech.  It’s almost like that option of negativity, or talking about others hardships becomes less and less of a draw, I am not as interested in.  Always a practice, never perfected.

Life rears its head to help us stay centered, to ground us.  To help us continue the practice of being at peace with our Selves and with others.  To have a stronger desire of spreading joy among all beings, rather than to continue passing on the pain.

shine on

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