tractors and wild monkeys…

“Mind is one of those slippery terms like ‘love’.  The proper definition depends on your state of consciousness.  Look at it this way: You have a brain that directs the body, stores information, and plays with that information.  We refer to the brain’s abstract processes as ‘the intellect’.  Nowhere have I mentioned the mind.  The brain and the mind are not the same thing.  The brain is real, the mind isn’t….The brain can be a tool.  It can recall phone numbers, solve math problems, or create poetry.   In this way, it works for the rest of the body, like a tractor.  But when you can’t stop thinking of that math problem or phone number, or when troubling thoughts and memories arise without your intent, it’s not your brain working, but your mind wandering.  Then the mind controls you; then the tractor has run wild…you must observe yourself to see what I mean.  You have an angry thought bubble up and you become angry.  It is the same with all your emotions.  They’re your knee-jerk responses to thoughts you can’t control.  Your thoughts are like wild monkeys stung by a scorpion.”   -Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

shine on


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2 Responses to tractors and wild monkeys…

  1. Maureen McDermott says:

    great !! Love that:)

  2. annie falley says:

    I am enjoying the book …. hope that you can make it to the book group next Friday Bridget! Miss you.

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