Hi! Thank you for visiting my website, Shine On. Starting this blog has been a vision of mine for quite some time now, so I am very excited to begin the journey.  I am a certified yoga instructor at the Yoga Polarity Center in Malverne, New York.  Inspiration. Joy. Peace. Acceptance. Compassion. Balance. Stillness. Strength. Through my practice of yoga I have learned to nourish these qualities in my Self.  My hope is to always continue this process of growth, to share, to learn and to spread the love in whatever way possible!  I also teach private and group classes, check out my teaching schedule for more details and contact information.  SHINE ON!

Bridget Boyd, RYT                                                              


5 Responses to welcome

  1. Antoinette diamond says:

    Super pumped for you! Let me know your schedule!

    • bridgetboyd says:

      thank you so much! I definitely will! We are going to be starting a Sunday class 4-5 at the Fuente’s residence on the bay 🙂 starting May 20th! A big group of people, you should definitely come! I’ll let you know for sure as it gets closer, I really appreciate your support!!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person I know!

  3. Carol says:

    Bridget this is amazing ! So inspiring and right from the heart! I absolutely love it and can’t wait to read on a daily basis! Happy belated birthday and congrats again on your certification, The Light in Me Sees The Light in You! XOXO

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